Irish Traditional Witchcraft:
A living tradition
Welcome to the official website of the ITW group

What is ITW?

ITW stands for Irish Traditional Witchcraft, an indigenous tradition of Ireland which has its
roots in our rich ancient heritage and our vibrant traditions of folk magic.
Unlike many groups when we say ITW is pre-wiccan and non-wiccan we mean it. The irish
Tradition of Witchcraft is not a religion or a spiritual path, it is an art. To call yourself a
Traditional Irish Witch the primary qualification is to possess the ability to work magic; the
second is to do so in techniques and methods culturally rooted in Ireland.
You cannot be initiated into being an Irish Traditional Witch, you cannot get there by belief in
gods or spirits. Pagan or Christian or Atheist or undecided - your religion has no bearing on

ITW  draws on ancient literature, history, archaeology and more; as well as folklore and folk
The ITW group is largely made up of those who grew up in and/or trained within the
environment of an Irish Tradition, those who are interested in learning about Irish Traditions
and those from other Traditions compatible with ITW.